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Antwinnette Elliott, CHT

Life Fullfillment Coach

A.C.H.E. Nationally
Certified Hypnotherapist


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mark perry

Mark Perry, CHT

Life Fullfillment Coach

A.C.H.E. Nationally
Certified Hypnotherapist

Approved Hypnotherapy Instructor

(505) 920-6149

Our subconscious mind uses the behavior patterns we have learned to
automatically respond and react to everyday events in our life.

Hypnotherapy allows you to use both your conscious and sub-conscious minds simultaneously.

This enables you to reprogram negative reactions or unwanted behaviors into
positive reactions and comfortable behaviors and the process works faster than Psychotherapy.

How does Hypnotherapy work? - Click Here

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Listen to Mark's talk show "A Matter Of The Mind"
LIVE every Saturday - 10 am @ Santa Fe's local broadcast AM 1260 KTRC

If you do not receive this broadcast in your area or missed the airing you can still listen to it.
"A Matter of The Mind" Talk Radio is now available on the internet as a podcast!
Just tap ONCE on the date of the show that you want to listen to,
when the window opens with the podcast click the arrow on the play bar to get it playin!

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